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Ödipus '81

"Alben" > Applehead

Deep beneath the finish skies
far away from anybody else
lived a lonesome family
never hearing village churche's bells

The son had never listened
to what his father said
He just loved his old mother
and hated him instead

So after some lonely nights
he decided what to do
The lake was too black and deep
and none of us knows who

Watch out father - her comes your little son.

Imagine the heaven fell and your heart is feeling sad
don't you think you even might get bad?

Watch out father - her comes your little son.

So one fine day his father cried
"My god, for heaven's sake"
he came to drown and in his eyes
were filled with the darkness of the lake
At home his mother said
"My man will never come.
How could you be so bad boy
My son what have you done?"

Watch out mother - you disappointed your son.

- - Instrumental - -

Father, you're gone, you're gone
your journey is done, is done
Far too long you caused my pain
allways it was you to blame
You treat my mother bad
and I was wrong instead

Never ever stood on the right side
Never ever had such a bad fight
Never ever want to be bad boy
Never ever want to distroy

Father, you're quiet, you're quiet
It's freezing in the night, quiet right
You treated me to fight, now fight

Mother if you should cry for him
Mother this would be an awfull sin
Can't you remember what he has done?
He and you will be gone, gone, gone

Father, you're gone, you're gone
your journey is done
VA hatte einen Roman gelesen in dem es um Folgendes ging:

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