Rain is making wet - nordrein

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Rain is making wet

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Walking on the scrapyard
Distant voices sing
Light is falling so hard
an overwhelming wing

Shreaking all the enemies
by eternal light
Falling like the birds an bees
hear that crying wife
People allways shout for free
but they never get
When will people ever see
that rain is making wet?

Snow beats on my pillow
like the bombs of war
Find a crying widow
pain for evermore

High up in the shining sky
(swallows close their eyes)
Noone here is wondring why
(People are unwise.
Slowly I'm leaving now
being everything behind.
Children grow up anyhow
but still they are so blind)

Walking on the scrapyard
Distant voices sing

Fußnoten und Anmerkungen

"Distant voices sing" - Das ist Kraftwerk:
"Wenn Wellen schwingen, ferne Stimmen singen"
"When airwaves swing, distant voices sing
oder wie ich es auf Latein liebte:
"Si undula vibrant, longinquus voces cantant"
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