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Von A-Z

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Name Jahr Album
Accept the good 2015 Endangered species
Acid 1993 While I was sleeping
AGAD (in agony) 1982 Applehead
Angry little guy 2015 On the tracks
(A)part of the (w)hole 1982 Applehead
Been and gone 2015 On the tracks
Beware@55 2017 Endangered species
Blues 1996 While I was sleeping
City of light 1982 Applehead
Do you know yourself? 1982 Applehead
Dragonfly 1987 La lune rouge
ECM 2021 Endangered species
Enfants 1988 La lune rouge
Every night 1978 La lune rouge
Fadeaway 1981 Applehead
Free like the wind 2001 While I was sleeping
Freight Trains 2015 On the tracks
Gaeltacht 1987 La lune rouge
Georgia 1978 La lune rouge
Goodbye 2015 2015 On the tracks
His name is Web 2021 Endangered species
I jumped the fence 1983 While I was sleeping
I see a day 1976 La lune rouge
I never knew your name 1977 Early peaces
I wonder 2015 On the tracks
Janine D 1976 La lune rouge
Junk 1976 Early peaces
Lesson learned 2017 Endangered species
Let me be (mit Kaddel) 1994 While I was sleeping
Life in a tent (mit Frauke) 1981 Early peaces
Maryland 1979 La lune rouge
Meine Religion 2012 On the tracks
Mercy (mit Kaddel) 2017 Endangered species
New paradise 1982 Applehead
Nine o'clock 1978 While I was sleeping
Ödipus '81 1981 Applehead
On the air 1982 Applehead
Paris 1982 La lune rouge
Pulse of life 1982 Applehead
Queen of England 1982 Applehead
Rain is making wet 1981 Applehead
Riki don't lock that door 2021 Endangered species
Shame 1994 While I was sleeping
Summertime (mit Kaddel) 1994 While I was sleeping
Sweet cake 1980 La lune rouge
Thinker 1982 La lune rouge
Total isolation 1980 La lune rouge
One after 909 1994 While I was sleeping
Stand tall (my living doll) 2015 On the tracks
That is all I want 1994 While I was sleeping
Time 1994 While I was sleeping
Two in the waterfall 2015 On the tracks
Video nights 1981 Applehead
Watership Down 1981 Applehead
When I was a friend of mine 2019 Endangered species
Where were you 1976 Early peaces
Who am I 1977 Early peaces
Why did you leave me 1976 Early peaces
Why worry 2016 Endangered species
World at war 1982 Applehead
Woman 1975 Early peaces
Your song 2022 Endangered Species
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