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Watership Down

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Not so long ago when earth and sky were young
some little rabbits were on the run
leaving home

Hazel-Rah, Hazel-Rah
Watership Down is far

They were coming to a cottage to set the prisoners free
The cats and human beings treated them to flee
The seagull was their freind and so was Yonah dear
but the little Pipkin was allways in fear
He saved his friends

El-Ahrairah, El-Ahrairah
Watership Down is far

So if you ever come to Watership Down
Won't you take off your frown?

And you will meet me at Watership Down
Just walking around

So you will meet me at Watership Down
with my feet up to the ground

When will you join me at Watership Down
just walking around?

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